July 19, 2022 Bootstrap 5.2.0 正式发布

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Bootstrap v5.2.0 is finally stable!

We’ve ironed out more bugs, improved more documentation, written new guides and built out new functional environment examples, and so much more!

Keep reading for highlights from both beta and stable releases.

Docs redesign

As previewed in our beta release, the docs have been redesigned! It starts with our new homepage where we have a more complete representation of Bootstrap’s features and an updated design.

The docs sidebar navigation has been overhauled to have always expanded groups for easier browsing, a brand new DocSearch experience with search history, and new responsive offcanvas drawers for both sidebar and navbar on mobile.

We even updated our version picker in the navbar to cross-link between minor releases!

Updated buttons and inputs

With our docs redesign, we refreshed buttons and inputs with modified padding and border-radius. Here’s a look at the before and after of our buttons:

Tons of new CSS variables

Nearly all our components now have CSS variables for real real-time customization, easier theming, and (soon) color mode support starting with dark mode. You can see what CSS variables are available on every docs page, like our buttons: